About the Award

Jack and DuchessAbout the Duchess Award

Jack and Nan Schwemm believed strongly in the fundamental responsibility of people to act toward each other with respect and compassion. Jack in particular felt that in business dealings it was only with a strong sense of ethics and decency that employers, employees, and customers could succeed in their goals. And it goes without saying that Jack believed those standards should be even higher for people working in politics and public service.

The Schwemm Foundation trustees feel that Jack and Nan would have been sad and frustrated at the level of disrespect, animosity, and ethical devolution that has arisen in the current political climate in our country, and the overall degeneration of discourse and tolerance that has increased in recent years.  

In response, and in following what we believe would have been Jack and Nan’s desires, the Schwemm Foundation is establishing a new direct grant program to support efforts that teach tolerance towards others and personnel ethics particularly in business and government.