Downers Grove Public Library

Digitizing the Downers Grove Public Library Newspaper Collection

The goal of this project was to provide a means for the Downers Grove Public Library to start a local history collection, in digital form, so that citizens can access a variety of historic documents and photos.  Specifically, this project focused on digitizing the contents of the local newspaper, the Downers Grove Reporter, from 1895-1922.  The contents of the Reporter, which had only been accessible through microfilm, is now available to the public through a link on the library’s website,

The Western Neighborhoods Project

Lake Merced: Guns, Golf, and Grebes

The Western Neighborhoods Project is a nonprofit organization formed in 1999 to preserve and share the history and culture of the neighborhoods in western San Francisco.  In 2016, funds from the Schwemm Family Foundation were awarded to the Project for the “Lake Merced: Guns, Golf, and Grebes” program.  This series of educational programs, which were carried out during the summer of 2017, was made up of history walks, presentations, and a companion webpage/online gallery sharing the natural and cultural history of San Francisco’s Lake Merced from the 1850’s to today.

Boone County Historical Museum: Digitization of Obituary Archives 1851-present

Boone County ObituariesThe Boone County Historical Museum is located in Belvidere Illinois. One of the main roles of the Museum is to provide a venue for citizens to research genealogical and other historic documents.  An important type of document used in this type of research are obituaries.  Over the years, the Museum has archived over 30,000 obituaries going back as far as 1851.