California Urban Streams Partnership

California-Urban-Streams-Partnership-WorkshopThe California Urban Streams Partnership (CUSP) is an organization of local, regional and statewide groups working together to protect, restore, and steward urban streams and watersheds in California. CUSP advocates for the improvement of wildlife habitat, the return of functioning ecosystems, and the betterment of urban environments and quality of life.

Family Nurturing Center

Family-Farm-and-FoodIn 2015 the Family Nurturing Center received a grant in the amount of $5,000 from the Schwemm Family Foundation.  The grant award has helped the Center provide hands-on gardening experiences, fresh produce, and cooking skills to residents that are participating in the organization’s Farm and Food Program.  This program has partnered with the  On Track program to help parents work through drug and alcohol addiction issues so they can be reunited with their children. 

Sea Change: Bay Nature’s special coverage of our changing ocean

Sea Change

The Pacific Ocean is one of the most important drivers of the California environment. What’s happening in the ocean directly influences our weather, our biodiversity, and our economy. The California Current, the primary feature of our region of the Pacific, is one of the most productive natural phenomena in the world. But right now we are watching the ocean and the Current operate in ways that are historically unprecedented. View Sea of Troubles video.

The Watershed Project

before-raingarden-exampleThe Watershed Project is a non-profit organization based in Richmond, California that focuses on the well-being and connectivity of watersheds as well as the people who live within them. One of their projects works with neighbors and other volunteers to construct a series of rain gardens along the Richmond Greenway adjacent to the San Francisco Bay. The Watershed Project received a grant from the Schwemm Family Foundation in 2015 to support the construction of one of these rain gardens and completed the work this fall.